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ZUMRO offers a complete line of DECON Accessories to help you complete your mission. ZUMRO offers a full line of water heating and handling accessories, including water heaters, sump pumps, soap injectors, manifold kits and beyond. ZUMRO can also prepare you for all of your patient handling needs. Our custom built roller tables and wheelchairs lightweight and corrosion resistant. They are ideal for emergency use. Made 100% in the USA.


At ZUMRO we understand that you must have certain capabilities incorporated into your shelter in order to maximize its utility and best facilitate your mission.  We are continually expanding our catalog by sourcing the highest quality accessories and supporting equipment that integrate seamlessly into the ZUMRO design language.  If we could not find an accessory that met our stringent quality standards and performance expectations, we designed and built it.  Take the guesswork out of configuring a shelter footprint, and rely on us to provide our vetted shelter accessories for a complete turn-key solution.   

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