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ZUMRO was founded Mr. Dirk VanZyverden in 1985. It’s primary product and company mission was importing a new type of rescue lift bags from Germany. The company quickly expanded its products to include an inflatable shelter product made in England.

The company focused on air shelter products, as it was new and innovative. No rapidly deployable shelters were sold in the US at that time. The company grew slow, but steadily and without outside investment. Soon ZUMRO had the product manufactured by a small shop in North Carolina. As the interest grew and sales increased over the years, more production capacity was needed and ZUMRO began production in Lake Worth, FL.

ZUMRO quickly become synonymous with a quality, long lasting product that worked perfectly every time and incorporated the “Life Raft Technology” with the shelters. For the first responder market, this has proved to be the key ingredient for success. ZUMRO is widely known as the “go to” company for rapid deployed emergency shelters.   

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