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"The ZUMRO tents have become a valued asset to our Mass Casualty Decontamination process as a whole.  With the simplicity and speed of setup, as well as ease of maintenance, it has significantly reduced our time by 30 minutes to establish a Mass Casualty Decontamination corridor from the moment we are on site to the moment we are able to receive patients.  

Maintenance for the tents has also been a huge benefit as each tent comes with a repair kit and all repairs can be completed by the user, eliminating the need to ship off the tents to a repair facility.  Another one of the benefits of the ZUMRO system is the adaptability to our Decontamination mission.  If it came to necessity, the ZUMRO 600 and 400 tents can be setup to run a three lane Ambulatory, Non-ambulatory, and Technical decontamination lane with a minimal footprint.   


"After seeing an air shelter deployed overseas by one of our DoD partners, we decided to look into them when we got back stateside.  We were connected with a ZUMRO Representative where he explained the various models and accessories. He asked some simple questions on our requirements and deployment. He then sent a demo out to us where our responders all agreed ease of set up and usability. 

After we purchased our first air shelter our ZUMRO Representative came out and demonstrated the set up, tear down, and the do’s and don’ts.  He was always a phone call away, willing to take questions and address any concerns the team had.   We subsequently purchased an additional tent as well as a HVAC unit. I cannot say enough about the durability, maintenance, and ease of use of these air shelters, not to mention the helpful staff."


"We currently have one ZUMRO tent, which we use a lot & it has held up exceptionally despite being mistreated. I recommended a second ZUMRO to our Health Clinic Administrators and when they chose a different product vendor because it was “much cheaper”, I voiced concerns about the suitability/durability. Less than one month of very light use, it is now in the scrap pile after falling apart.


​One of the things that I most appreciate for our use is FAST deployment with only 1-2 people. I’ve found it to be MUCH more durable than I’d imagined.”

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