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Frame: Polyester/Epoxy-coated 16-gauge steel
Casters: No-flat soft-ride casters w/ 2x wheel locks
Handles: Integrated, ergonomic push/lift handles (x2)
Inlet Ports: 2x (1x 10'', 1x 6''), each with adjustable
Outlet Ports: 2x (1x 10'', 1x 6''), each with adjustable
Power Cord: 20' straight blade, insulated
Airflow: 250 CFM to 750 CFM, electronic speed control
Prefilter: Carbon poly media
High-capacity HEPA Filter:Deep-V; 99.99% @ 0.3
UV Lamps, Front: 2x on removable frame
UV Lamps, Rear: 3x on fixed frame
UV Intensity: 90mW/cm2
UV Wavelength: 254 nm germicidal wavelength
Max Power Draw: 575 watts @ 5A (60 HZ)


Key Features
FAST: With its easy-roll, no-at casters, integrated
push/lift handles and on-board digital control panel,
placing and employing the Portable Airborne
Infection Control Unit takes only a few minutes
SIMPLE: Single-switch on/o, electronicallycontrolled
variable speed control, 4-point
adjustable dampers and digital control panel
ensure easy, intuitive operation
INTEGRATED: The patented process of combining
pre-ltration, oversized HEPA ltration (99.99% @
0.3 microns), UV (5x 90 mW/cm2 @ 254 nm) and
variable speed control (250 to 750 CFM) into a
single package creates an "all-in-one" system
designed to capture, contain and neutralize
infectious airborne biocontaminants while
generating dierential room pressure (positive or
DURABLE: Our rugged 16-gauge, polyester/
epoxy-coated steel frame equipped with shockabsorbing
materials and a sealed control panel
operates in virtually any environment and will
perform for years to come
CAREFREE: Visual and auditory alarms for bulb
failure, lter status and room dierential pressure
along with quick-access panels to monitor and
replace all consumables ensure consistent and
reliable air quality that exceeds the standards
outlined by both the AIA and CDC
System Includes:
• Integrated 20' power supply cord
• Panel-mounted digital control panel
• No-at soft-ride casters (x4) w/ 2x wheel locks
• Integrated push/lift handles; optional feet
• Heavy duty PVC duct (10'' x 10')
• Optional cabinet colors - red, white, tan, or blue

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